Racing sailboats have very specific needs; for their electronics equipment as well, depending on what kind of race they are involved in. With this idea in our minds, we equipped the legendary IMS 500 Azur de Puig.

Azur de Puig‘s grand prix racing program demanded maximum input of information, excellent precision and minimum weight with superior reliability. At the time we carried out thew project, B&G was the obvious selection as they fulfilled all those requirements. B&G’s Hercules architecture allowed a high degree of custom functions according to the crew’s requirements, which always pleased the guy in charge of the Race Vision laptop on board.

We added a few special “secret” details that were to improve the performance of Azur de Puig´s crew in both inshore and offshore races.


Specifically we installed the following equipment:

  • Hercules 2000 offshore network instruments, by B&G
  • Custom mast-top extended ultra light wind sensor
  • Loadsense in forestay
  • Five 20/20 displays distributed on deck and mast
  • Race Vision deckman computer, by B&G
  • CND GPS plotter, by B&G
  • Hydra autopilot, by B&G
  • Shipmate RS 8400 VHF twin set
  • Heliflex ultralight antenna

The autopilot was needed between races, for transportation, but it was removed and taken off board for racing.

The twin station VHF and its ultralight antenna were compliant to ocean racing safety standards.

Of course, this equipment helped Azur de Puig win the Rolex IMS World Championship in Pro category, back in 2005.

Featured image, public domain; by Kelly Sikkema, found here.