This year, before the summer season started, we had a client with a funny problem, and we solved it in a funny way.

The boat, a less-than-12-meter Dufour, had a default multifunction screen installed at the cockpit, used to control the equipment on board. As it happens from time to time, during the first year the owner had to make use of the warranty to solve a malfunction of the screen: the maker replaced it with a brand new one. However, the second year this new screen failed too, for the same reason than the original one!

Funny, isn’t it? What could he do? It seemed that the problem was caused by the location of the screen at the cockpit. After thinking hard about it, we found an imaginative solution. As usually happens with good ideas, this one was simple. In three steps the problem was solved for good:

  1. The main multifunction screen was relocated inside the saloon; we supplied and installed a Raymarine screen, slightly smaller than the original screen
  2. At the cockpit, were the original screen was located, we installed an iPad Air 2; using the iPad’s WiFi, it can be used as a relay multifunction screen, being the one in the saloon the master
  3. Here it comes the interesting part: there is waterproof case for the iPad, protecting it against dirt and, more important, against water (according to the ad, it’s submersible to 2 meters for 1 hour!). We just had to bore a small hole (waterproof, as well) on the case, for the power cable

The new iPad Air 2 installed at the cockpit, with its waterproof case and the power cable

As you should not rely on the duration of the iPad’s battery, on the table at the cockpit we installed a plug so that the owner can charge the iPad. This plug is connected to a small inverter (of 250 W power) that we installed beside the boat’s battery. This way the owner can directly plug the iPad’s charger.

Taking advantage of this article, let us tell you that any equipment with a 2-years warranty (like the screen we have been discussing) keeps that warranty from the original purchase date onwards. If, let’s say, 18 moths after the purchase you have an issue, and you get the equipment replaced by a new one, you don’t have again a 2-years warranty, but only the remaining 6 months (hence 2 years in total counting from the first purchase). Is this fair? Probably no, but that’s what the Law says… Though if that was a specific problem on your specific equipment, you won’t experience it any more. If it was due to a bad design from the maker…, well, in that case the maker will have a problem once they start getting complaints from more clients.

So, what do you think of the solution we found? We shouldn’t be the ones to say it, but it was a clean, ingenious and simple job.