Trust MEDENISA and enjoy your boat

Everyone who owns a boat knows that, when you want to enjoy it, you have to make some sacrifices. You can’t use it as much as you want, and when you go on board you need everything tuned to avoid unexpected problems.

Electronics is that invisible member of the crew who helps you relax:

  • It looks after your safety
  • It helps you find catches or anchoring spots (echosounder)
  • It makes your navigation effortless (plotter, log, wind sensors, autopilot…)
  • It allows easy means of control (engine monitoring, controls, alarms…)
Yes, electronics is essential if you want to enjoy your boat. That’s why you need a company that knows boats, their electronics equipment, which one is suitable for your problem, and how to install it.

Want to add an autopilot?

Do you like that brand new 72-miles radar model?

Want to check everything on a 4K multifunction screen?

Do you need a new sounder to replace your old-fashioned one?

Suspect your wind sensor is failing?

We all have these and some more doubts when steering. To get them solved, rely on professionals: trust MEDENISA, and go enjoy your boat.